C.L.A.P. seeks to provide individuals with various opportunities throughout the year to fundraise with profits being applied directly to program costs: ie. tuition, costumes, supplies, festivals, and/or competition fees etc. Members have an opportunity to pick and choose from different monthly fundraisers with the individual profit going towards their programming costs.

Want to save some money when it comes to tuition, costumes, festival/competition fees?

Then come talk to us.

“C.L.A.P.” is a not for profit organization that is just starting.  By joining us you can be involved in different fundraising opportunities with the profit going towards your child’s art activity(ies). If you want to hear more, please contact our Vice President Donna here

Our Team:

President – Tracy Thompson (Overdrive Dance Force)

Vice President – Donna Fritsen (Ward)

Treasurer – Kevin Filipowski (Arise School of Arts)

Secretary – Amanda Foster (Ward)

Our Bylaws