Q: How do I become a member?

Simple, just complete a membership application and leave it in the CLAP file at your Studio or contact our Vice President Donna here


Q: What is CLAP’s fiscal year?

August 1 of the current year to July 31 of the following year.


Q: I prefer not selling things to people, do I have to participate in all the CLAP fundraising opportunities if I am a member?

No. All fundraising opportunities are optional; you pick the opportunities that work best for you.


Q: What other opportunities for fundraisers will there be?

CLAP will be selling flowers at all studio’s performances.  This will be a group fundraiser and profits will go to the Studentship Grand (10%) and the rest will be divided by members who choose to participate.


Q: What is the Studentship Grant?

This money will be used for many different opportunities for our members. This could be from special instructors, camps, or to students who apply to further their act.


Q: What happens to all the fundraising profits?

You receive 100% of the profits for the individual fundraising. For example if you choose to participate in Mom’s Pantry fundraiser and the total profit is $100, then your “CLAP Family Account” is credited with $100!


Q: How do I use my CLAP money?

To make everything easier, CLAP has made arrangements to drop off a cheque to your studio quarterly throughout the year.  End of October, January, April, and July.  Special request for out of studio events can be allowed as per the Executive.


Q: What are the CLAP Bylaws?

You can find them here.


Q: Who should I contact if I have a question(s) about CLAP?

CLAP is a parent run group which is run by volunteer parents. Please refer all of your CLAP questions to our Vice President Donna here or to your studio liaison.


Q: Why doesn’t CLAP send out emails to all the families at our studio?

Due to the Freedom of Information Policy by Cbyleanadian Government, we only have access to members who sign up with CLAP.  The studios have allowed us to utilize a bulletin board and/or have a tab on their website to provide members and non-members with information about CLAP.


Q: What can my CLAP money be used for?

Art activity related costs, such as: monthly tuition, supplies provided by the studios, costumes, competition fees, conventions, camps, etc.


Q: What happens if I have an  NFS cheque?

All NSF cheques will be charged a $25 fee. The $25 plus original amount must be paid with a money order before any further orders will be taken.


Q: Who is on the current Executive?

President – Tracy Thompson (Overdrive Dance Force)

Vice President – Donna Fritsen (Ward)

Treasurer – Kevin Filipowski (Arise School of Arts)

Secretary – Amanda Foster (Ward)